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RUHE - Seaside restaurant in an old fishing village

The Ruhe Restaurant is located in the seaside Neeme harbour on the north shore Estonia, only a half-hour’s drive from Tallinn.

The model for the restaurant’s modern architecture and interior design was provided by the boat culture of the coastal people.

Ruhe is the name of a shing boat or ski hollowed out of a tree trunk. One of them can be seen under the apple tree on the restaurant’s terrace. In German, Ruhe means peace and this is an appropriate description of the mood that reigns in the cosy restaurant in this old shing village.

The menu includes sh and seafood from both local and foreign waters. The Ruhe’s famous fish patties have remained on the menu through the years, and one will be surprised by the exciting desserts.

Restaurant Ruhe is a Very Fine Level restaurant according to White Guide  2018.

There are five guestrooms on the second floor, which provide a comfortable space
for enjoying the peace and quiet. 

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